Cafe Das Arcas - Lusitano Stallion Imported from Portugal



This is Cafe, a lusitano stallion imported from Portugal. The Lusitano is a Portuguese breed that is closely related to the Andalusian, the horse of Spain, In Portugal, the Lusitano’s traditional use was for working cattle and as the mount of the Rejoneador, or bullfighter. Rejoneo is sometimes called the Portuguese style, since fighting on horseback is a central feature of Portuguese bullfighting. A rare breed, the athletic and intelligent Lusitano is quickly gaining in popularity worldwide as a dressage mount.







This well timed photo is of Zontian, Izara, and Zippy, taken by Nancy D. in Aiken, SC. When she was two, I felt my half-lusitano mare, Izara, needed more room in which to run, play, and grow than I could provide. Nancy, who lives in Aiken, was kind enough to take Izara for the summer. Izara is the horse on the right, caught in the act of challenging Nancy’s half-lusitano gelding, Zontian. Zippy is the pacifist donkey, running for cover.




This beautiful feline is Tommy the barn cat.  While mice, moles, voles, and all other small prey fear him, Tommy is one of the sweetest cats ever.  Originally a stray very fearful of humans, a thin and hungry Tommy was brought into our Frozen Creek family one can of tuna fish at a time.




Tater is the newest 4-legged addition to Falling Water Farm’s family. He is a beautiful, black Fila Brasiliero, a breed that originated in Brazil and is in fact, Brazil’s national dog. The famous Brazilian proverb “As Faithful as a Fila dog” has originated in reference to the immense loyalty shown by this breed. Black Filas were rare, but in recent years have grown in popularity and in numbers.