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    We arrived at the property 4 hours later than we had planned. It was late, dark and we were all exhausted and hungry. We were greeted by Ilse and Otis. Upon crossing the Threshold the warmth of the cabin invaded us and my kids (young adults) walked straight to a plate of cookies Ilse had so graciously baked for us. Those cookies tasted like glory, or so they said because they devoured the entire batch in less than a minute. We didn’t even unpacked, we just drove into town to get dinner at the only restaurant that remained opened that late. We came back to the cabin and did our usual check under the bed, behind the bed, the bathrooms, the kitchen. I am extremely picky and clean. I had decided on this cabin based on most of the reviews that mentioned how clean the cabin was. I can testified to that, the cabin was spotless and we felt as comfortable as we feel at home. Our biggest surprise came the following morning when we woke to a beautiful view of Ilse’s property. I have to take my hat off, Ilse is a hard worker and she keeps her grounds immaculate. The pictures we took look like postcards. I want to keep this review short which is hard because there is so much I want to say. Otis was an added bonus, if it would have been for my daughters, he would have slept with them inside. I have much more pictures of Otis than of the beautiful waterfalls we saw during our hiking at the parks. Ilse’s horses are beautiful, it was nice spending time with them and feeding them apples. Our only regret was not having spent more time with Ilse and her amazing horses and pets. We would leave early in the morning and usually return when it was dark. Even my kids were saying we should plan another trip to Brevard and make sure we have at least one free full day to enjoy Ilse’s property, take in the view and just sit outside and relax with Otis by our side. I thank her for having allow us to stay with her, she is a very gracious hostess. Usually my reviews are all about suggesting improvements but everything at Ilse’s was perfect. Maybe a curtain in the master bathroom’s window? Thank you Ilse for your hospitality and the work that you do to keep the place PERFECT. We enjoyed our stay very much and can’t wait to visit again.
    • Stayed: December 2016
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“I can’t imagine a better place to spend a peak Fall weekend in Western NC!”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed October 25, 2016 for a stay in October 2016
William B, Palm Coast,FL
Everything about our stay at Falling Water Farm was perfect. The leaves were at their peak Fall color and the cabin is situated in an idyllic setting that truly represents the beauty of Western North Carolina and specifically Transylvania County. The area is known as the “Land of Waterfalls” and Falling Water Farm is located just outside of Brevard, NC which makes it a perfect place from which to launch your sightseeing excursions. The cabin is beautifully furnished in a rustic decor and is absolutely immaculate. Ilse, the owner, is a gracious hostess who understands the meaning of hospitality. We are looking forward to visiting her again next year as another beautiful Fall season approaches.
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Our stay was one of the most restful, relaxing stays we’ve ever had at any location. Ilse goes out of her way to make sure everyone is welcome and that there isn’t anything else a guest could possibly want or need. The cabin is the perfect size and beyond homey and the property is gorgeous. The attention to detail is amazing from power strips next to the beds to the highest quality linens and towels.

December 2016 ·

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